Improvels, Ltd. successfully passed the audit of the quality system according to ISO 9001:2015 in January 2016. The auditor of the international certification body DNV GL found 0 nonconformities.
It is one of the firsts certification according to the revised standard ISO 9001 in the Slovak Republic.

The implementation of quality management system is strategic decision. It should help improve the overall performance of the company, provide a solid basis for sustainable development, for meeting customer demands and for continuous improvement.

ISO 9001 Certificate

Quality policy

Quality Manual is available to customers after request. (

A wealth of experience allows us to adapt the strategy and the progress of work for each customer, regardless of the scope of the project and the necessary capacity.

We deal with all phases of realization of the project. This includes the design based on investor's requirements.
We provide professional consulting throughout the whole duration of implementation, from design, to testing and delivery.
Our solutions are built on CAD and BIM applications by Autodesk and on application extension of these products. We use a single building information model (BIM). Thanks to this, it is possible to easily share data between projection tools and to have access to complete data throughout the building lifecycle. Projection data can be easily published on the web.

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Our flexibility and expertise can be applied to each project.
We realized various projects. From small and medium-sized wiring (apartments, houses) up to upgrade of public lighting and lighting of factory buildings using
LED technology.
Our main activity is the installation, automation of industrial and manufacturing facilities, buildings and plants.
We specialize in "start-up" (production lines and machines that are not mass-produced).

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We provide maintenance of equipment or entire production lines under a service contract (not required).
We also carry out preventive maintenance. It helps to prevent failures and long-term downtime.
We are able to react immediately. We provide express delivery of spare parts. We meet the requirements of each customer. We minimize losses caused by equipment failure.

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Automation of processes is ensured by implementation of modular control systems.
We design and realize the control system according to customer requirements and according to the expected load.
We develop application solutions by using the following systems:
Simatic S7-300
Simatic S7-400
Simatic S7-1200
Beckhoff CX
B&R Automation
We are able to provide maintenance and supply of spare parts for older solutions (S5) too.
We also provide solutions for KNX and DALI bus systems.

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The visualization expands the process of control systems. Type of visualization is chosen depending on the control system. Solution takes into account the interaction and mutual links.
We provide visualization by application of:
Wondereware InTouch
Wonderware InTouch Machine
B&R Automation
We provide data collection and reporting from the process.
Wonderware Historian
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Visual Studio
Wonderware Information Server

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JCB 8014 CTS
Price: 19 EUR/hour, 0,60 EUR/km

Renault Master 111 Fi
Price: 19 EUR/hour, 0,62 EUR/km

Renault Master Z17
Price: 22 EUR/hour, 0,65 EUR/km

Price calculation is available after request. (

We provide spare parts for sale.
Most spare parts products from suppliers:
B&R Automation

We provide after-sales service, mainly for Siemens parts.
We have individual approach to every customer.

We put great emphasis on safety.
Our workers are equipped with all necessary personal protective equipments, such as electrician's boots with reinforced toe, working clothes with reflective strips, gloves, goggles, ear protectors, helmets, belts (Harness).
Our employees are trained according to current legislation and safety rules.
We provide all necessary legislative trainings (for operate the crane, binding loads, repair and maintenance of lifting equipment, servicing mobile working platforms, work in height, welding CO2, training of scaffolders) for our employees.
We provide professional electrician trainings too.
We use only the certified and undamaged tools.
(We carry out regular inspections of ladders, scaffoldings, personal protective equipments, Harness straps)
We process the necessary records.

Safety is required. It is necessary and natural part of all our activities.

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Registered seat: Janova Lehota 282, 966 24 Janova Lehota, Slovakia
IČO:46442154, DIČ:2023376971
Operation and office: Slovalco a.s., Priemyselná 14, 965 48 Žiar nad Hronom, Slovakia

Vladimír Vargic (Founder)
+421 908 288 201 Sales Director

Milan Bedruň (Partner)
+421 908 971 538 Technical Director

Mário Bugár
+421 918 316 766 Business Department

Jana Rošková
+421 915 030 914 Economic Department

Rudolf Verboci
+421 917 204 775 Technician

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